An Evening Enjoying The Ballet Folklorico

I’m back! I know it has been pretty silent over here on the TTC, and I apologise for that! However, it’s not because I have been uninspired or have had nothing interesting to write about – quite the contrary actually, I just physically have not had the time or energy.

Over Christmas and New Years my parents and brother came to visit, and C and I were busy gallivanting around the country with them, exploring the Yucatan Peninsular, discovering new alleyways in Guanajuato as well as doing the usual sightseeing rounds in good ol’ Mexico City.

As you can imagine its been pretty exhausting – but so much fun having them here and I enjoyed every minute of it. I must admit that I was incredibly sad to see them leave, but such is life when you live this semi-nomadic life that we do, life is filled with jubilant reunions and tearful goodbyes.

C’s mum also came to stay with us for 10 days which was lovely. This was her first trip visiting us in Mexico City as well and it was lovely to be able to spend some quality time with her. While she was here, the three of us went to see the Ballet Folklorico at the Palacio Bellas Artes – which was breath taking!  I couldn’t think of a better post to kick off 2012 with (albeit slightly late…)

For those of you living in D.F but have not yet been – buy your tickets now, you will love it. And for those of you planning on visiting D.F soon make sure you include it into your itinerary – it is an absolutely thrilling performance of traditional Mexican dance. The colours are amazing, the choreography fantastic and the atmosphere electric.

One word of advise though – don’t scrimp on the tickets!! We have been twice, the first time we bought cheap tickets and were seated way at the back on the third floor. Although I enjoyed it at the time, it’s incomparable to the experience I had this time when we were in the second row to the front – you can literally feel the thud of the drums in your bones and the wind on your face as the dancers twirl past you.

If you are interested in going, you can buy the ticket online at Ticket Master, or at your closest Ticket Master booth, which tends to be situated in any of the big malls – but first to whet your appetite, here are some absolutely fabulous photos that my very talented Peruvian took. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “An Evening Enjoying The Ballet Folklorico

  1. I totally agree – the price of the ticket is a little high for local standards,
    but the Ballet Folklorico is amazing since it sums up the wide array of
    cultures living side by side in Mexico through music, colorful costumes,
    and dance. NOT to be missed by residents and tourists alike! In the D.F.
    they often change the venue -sometimes it is performed to the backdrop
    of the Chapultepec Castle which is amazing, other times it is in the Palace
    of Fine Arts with a stained glass window manufactured by Tiffany’s (designed
    by Dr. Atl), or in the Museum of Anthropology …. no matter where it it is
    performed it is always a treat! GREAT POST!
    Lynda Martinez del Campo (

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