Stuffed Aubergine with Minced Beef


“Stuffed” anything for some reason reminds me bit of 70s style of cooking (not that I was even born then), but when I look at my mother’s old cookbooks and magazine clippings from that time….there was a lot of stuffing going on!

Having said that, just because it may be slightly out-dated does not mean it is not good. It is time to bring it back from the dusty binders where it has been relegated to for so long and breath a new lease of life into it.

C is out travelling for a few days – up on the boarder of Mexico inspecting a circus (now that is something I never expected to write!). So when I was doing my supermarket shop the other day, and saw this gleaming aubergine I knew this was the perfect opportunity to try out an idea for a recipe that was forming in my mind for two reasons.

  1. C hates aubergines
  2. It fits in really well with the LCHF lifestyle I have been leading the last month and a half.

The following recipe is really a combination of many different recipes and I have to say it turned out really well. However BBC Good Food (to the rescue again) really helped me with the timings, which I followed for their Italian-style stuffed aubergine!

The longest part of this recipe is making the meat sauce as I like to simmer my sauce for a couple of hours. However once you have your meat sauce done, it really takes no more than 40 minutes oven time.

For my meat sauce, I was in the mood for something tex-mex inspired, so I used lots of cumin, cayenne, coriander powder and cilantro, together with onion, celery and the flesh of the aubergine. However, the beauty of this recipe, is that you can make whatever type of sauce you want and with whatever flavour combinations you like, as well as with what ever type of meat you choose.

Hence, I’m not giving you an instruction of a meat sauce recipe – if you don’t know how to make one, Google “Jamie Oliver”, and I am sure you will find some simple instructions

Stuffed Aubergine

  • 1 Aubergine – cut lengthwise
  • Your favourite meatsauce
  • Sour cream
  • Mozzarella
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Pine nuts

Heat oven to 200C

Slice the aubergines in half lengthways, leaving the stem intact. Using a small knife, cut a border inside each aubergine about 1cm thick. Using a teaspoon, scoop out the flesh of the aubergine so you have a shell.


With the flesh of the aubergine make your meat sauce. In the spirit of living the LCHF lifestyle I added two tablespoons of creama (or sour cream) and a splash of cream – it adds a real richness and depth of flavour to the sauce.

When your meat sauce is ready brush the aubergine shell with oil, season and place in a baking try. Cover with foil and bake for 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes, remove the shell from the oven and turn down the heat to 180C

Spoon the meat sauce into the shell, and generously add the mozzarella and grated parmesan. Sprinkle with the pine nuts (it would be better if I had roasted them)


Pop the tray into the oven for 20 minutes, or until the cheese gets some colour.

Serve with a fresh green salad!


I was really pleased of the outcome of this dish. It is rich, it is filling and with some fresh salad on the side it made for a very satisfying meal! Next time I make this, I’m going to try it with minced lamb as that would really give it a bit of a kick!

Who says you need carbs? :)

2 thoughts on “Stuffed Aubergine with Minced Beef

  1. We love aubergine in all sorts of dishes and on its own too. It’s too bad C doesn’t like it, but glad you got to enjoy it. Great recipe, thanks for sharing Alex!

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