Magical Malinalco and Ancient Rituals

Between having houseguests, the insane amount of travelling C was doing  in May and having a very active social calender in June, I don’t think C and I have spent any quality time together since April!

So when my incredibly lovely friend Kirsty got in touch with me one day when I was feeling particularly burnt-out, and said that she, and her equally lovely boyfriend Fer wanted to treat us to a weekend in Fer’s family hotel as a wedding present – I couldn’t have been more excited or jumped at the opportunity more quickly!

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San Miguel de Allende


Roughly three hours north of Mexico City lies the beautiful colonial city of San Miguel de Allende  – or SMA as the locals call it. Declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in 2008, San Miguel de Allende truly has a magical feel surrounding it. With its well preserved Baroque architecture and layout, coupled with its vibrant mix of people, SMA is a destination worth visiting in Mexico. Keep Reading

Las Cascadas Resort – Riding in Mexican Country Side

As promised a couple of posts ago, now that I am leaving Mexico in only a few months, I seriously need to get blogging on all these amazing things to see and do in this wonderful country.  So I thought I would start with Rancho Las Cascadas.

I been to the Ranch a couple of times last year, once with my good friend Miako, and another time with C along with another couple. Both times I thoroughly enjoyed it and both times I promised myself to write something about it.

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The cobbled streets of Tepotzlan

The Sunday before last C and I, along with a friend decided to spend the day at Tepotzlan – a little town about 1.5 hour south of Mexico City. If I’m going to be honest, I am the one that wanted to spend the day at Tepotzlan, and I bullied C into driving us :)

We had been to Tepotzlan a few months prior with some good friends of ours, and I really wanted to return as not only is it a very picturesque little town with cobbled streets, but there is hike up a hill that I wanted to do to go visit an old temple called Tepoztecalt.

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Puebla: City-Break

It was Memorial day last Monday – which meant that ‘C’ got the day off. I love the fact that he gets both Mexican and American holidays off – as it means we can get the chance to organise lots of little weekend trips to explore this amazing country we are living in.

 So, last weekend, we, together with a few friends of ours decided to spend a night in Puebla an absolutely beautiful city about a two hours drive East of Mexico City. For anyone living in Mexico City, or visiting for a few days I would highly recommend taking the opportunity to go and explore this old city. The drive is incredibly easy (although it may not be the most interesting of drives) and relatively fast, in fact ‘C’ and I have said that we would actually consider doing it as a day trip.

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