Best Tourist Attraction in Mexico City – My Personal Favourites!

Mexico City can be rather overwhelming the first time you visit this colossal city. There is so much to see and do, but where to start? Here are my top ten absolute favourite places to go when we have guests in town, and I thought I would share them with you.

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When Violence Rears It’s Ugly Head

I always try to focus on the positive in Mexico and Mexico City as I believe that Mexico receives so much negative press already. I really wanted to show another face of Mexico to my readers, I wanted to show the beauty of the country that I have grown to love and the generous people who live here.

However, sometimes the ugly side of Mexico rears it’s vile head and you are faced with the cold facts that Mexico can be a dangerous and unpredictable country. A country where you should always be on your guard and should always be aware of your surroundings. Keep Reading

My Mexican Observations

Well, I have now been living in Mexico City for exactly one year and thirteen days, and I thought I would share with you some of my observations on various aspect of Mexican life that I have encountered:

The People:

  • The Mexicans are some of the most polite and courteous people I have come across (except when they are driving)
  • They dress according to the official season and not to the actual weather. If it’s supposed to be Autumn, they will dress for Autumn wearing jeans, jumpers, boots, scarves and jackets, despite it being sunny and 28°C outside!
  • Chivalry is still alive – as a woman you will never have to open a door, or pull out your own chair as long as you are here. Note: this does not apply while driving.
  • Plastic surgery is perfectly acceptable – the older you are, the tighter your face
  • Spending 3-4 hours in the salon every morning is the daily routine for the women of Polanco.
  • Tipping is a way of life. Be prepared to tip everyone you encounter – which means carry lots and lots of loose change.

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Exploring San Juan Market – Mexico City

Fresh Vegetables

As most of you know – Mexico City is a HUGE city, but when you are actually living here it is very easy to get stuck in your bubble. My bubble is Polanco. I live here, the majority of my friends live here and there are a number of very good restaurants at your fingertips. This, coupled with the atrocious traffic makes it very easy to never leave this neighbourhood.

However, every so often you venture out of your bubble and you realise just how enormous this city is, and how much there still is to explore.

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Casa Portuguesa – Polanco

I have been so excited about writing this post since Saturday, and have been meaning to do it all week- this is my first restaurant review – and what a review to start with!

 I have two words for you – Casa Portuguesa!
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