Brasserie de Waterloo: A Beautiful Restaurant set in the heart of the Battlefields of Waterloo

Brasserie de Waterloo is one of those rare restaurants that has the ability to be enjoyed by everyone. Whether you are a history buff, a beer enthusiast, a couple on a romantic date, or like us – a family with two energetic rug-rats – there is something for everyone!

As the name suggest that restaurant is located in Waterloo which is about 15km south of Brussels and just a stone throw away from the The Memorial Waterloo 1815 museum complex, dedicated to the Battle of Waterloo. The museum complex is truly a must-see attraction while you are in Belgium, and it would be a fantastic excursion to combine the two. Start the day by going sight seeing and then coming to Brasserie do Waterloo for a relaxing lunch!

In fact, the restaurant is on the property of the historic farm of Mont-Saint-Jean which was turned into a field hospital during that infamous battle. The farm has undergone many incarnations since, and apart from the brasserie it also houses a micro-brewery, a micro-distillery as well as a museum, exhibiting the importance of the field hospital for those 3 intense days of fighting.

We didn’t do the tour of the of the brewery or distillery on this day, however if this is something that interests you, I highly recommend you read this article by which goes deeper into the history of beer and brewing in the farm.

The restaurant is in a modern yet unassuming building across the courtyard from the old farm. Built almost entirely of steel and glass, the interior is light and airy, and surprisingly welcoming with its warm wood tones and natural palate which is complimented with the abundance of vibrant green hanging-plants. You are also able to view part of the brewing process through the internal windows if you are sitting inside.

However, the real show stopper for me – at least on those rare sunny Belgian days which it was when we visited – is their 500m2 terrace with panoramic views of the gentle rolling fields of the Belgian countryside.

We have had such a long cold and wet winter this year, so the chance to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine was very refreshing! And what made it great venue for families with young children is thae wide open spaces and the quality playground just off from the terrace, which entertained the kids for hours. The minute we were allocated our table, the kids were off like a shot, only coming back to be fed – allowing C and I time to relax in each other’s company, and C to enjoy a flight of beer!

The menu was what you would expect of a brasserie in Belgium, but it is on the pricier side with the main course averaging around €25 for the adults and €13 for the kids. The service was good, if lacking a little warmth, and the meal enjoyable. However, I will say that I wouldn’t drive here for the food alone, it is the wonderful ambiance and setting that allows you to enjoy a long leisurely lunch that is the real star attraction.

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