The Monarch Butterfly

Where do I start? It has been over two months since I last wrote a post and I feel thoroughly guilty for neglecting the TTC. I am sure however you have all managed quite well without me ;)

I have a back-log of posts that I have wanted to share with you – but the more time that has passed, the more daunting the task it is to start. However, I am just going to have to start from the beginning!

However I have to defend my self slihgtly, as I have not just been sitting on my bum feeling lazy (although I must admit there is a little bit of truth to that) but have also been quite busy. Here is a brief summary of the last two months: copious evenings spent wedding planning and organising the guest list; C’s dad come to visit for a few days; spent a hectic 10 day trip in Lima scouting for venues and vendors by day, partying by night; came back to Mexico exhausted and broken but more or less secured everything that needed to be done; spent many evening designing a wedding website and finalising guest list; experienced my first big earthquake (decided I did not like it); my best friend and her fiance came to visit for a few days; found my self cowering under my desk a number of times at work due to aftershocks (apparently there has been more than 200); spent Easter in Playa del Carmen at an all-inclusive; back to D.F thoroughly relaxed; and now finally finding some time to do things NOT wedding related :)

So for my first non-wedding project in the last month, I thought I would share with you a little day trip that Conrad and I did in February – we went to see the Monarch Butterflies. It truly was an amazing experience and such an awe-inspiring view of mother nature.

For those of you who have never heard of the Monarch Butterflies (I had no idea before I moved to Mexico) they are quite an amazing sight. Every year, these little creatures undertake a massive migration from North America all the way down to Mexico to spend winter, and then migrate all the way back. What is so interesting about them is that they return to the exact same spot year after year – however it is a totally different butterfly generation from the previous year, yet somehow they are all genetically programmed to come back!

Although I am a big believer in the written word – sometimes pictures are stronger than words, so here are a few of C’s best pictures, which I belive captured they day beautifully:

If you are living in Mexico City and have not yet gone to see the Monarch butterfly, I highly suggest that you do so next year, and if you are planning on visiting Mexico City around February/March this is a must for your itinerary.

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