Sommar, Sommar, Sommar

Hello friends, I am back!

Initially I was going to write  about the wonderful summer holiday I had in Sweden, but as the saying goes a picture can tell a thousand words. So I wanted to share these lovely pictures with you – give you a taste of what a Swedish summer is all about! I think you will understand quite quickly why there is no-where in the world that I would rather be, than in my house in Mölle during the summer…spending time with my family, eating good food, and just relaxing in the garden and enjoying the beauty that is Sweden.

Yup, that is me in the garden attacking the hedge!
Summer in a bowl! Blueberries & rasberries with thick cream and sugar!

It did rain an awful lot too this summer…so dad and I braved the weather and went on a few walks!
Möllemosse – a small lake, close to where we live
What is a summer without crayfish?!
Sitting on the beach at 8pm…
Sunset from the garden.

Like the sun setting over my garden in Sweden..there goes another summer. It is amazing how quicly time passes, day after day, year after year, and now I am sitting here in Mexico City – listening to the thunder and watching the rain -summer couldn’t be further away.

But I’m happy. I feel refreshed and motivated, excited to see what the next year will bring, what adventures will be thrown my way and continue to build my life  with ‘C’ and explore the wonderous country that is Mexico.

Untill next summer….

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