When things go wrong!

We all have our ‘off’ days where nothing seems to come together in the kitchen – and I had mine last night. ‘C’ came home from yet another business trip, and I really wanted to put together a lovely meal for him – he has been eating out nearly every night, and so have I this week, and I thought a good home cooked meal would be the perfect way to spend the evening together.

I decided to make roast Cornish hens with roast carrots and bacon as well as sautéed some potatoes with rosemarry…all of which sounds really good – but somehow I missed the mark. To be honest I am not really sure what I did wrong, but the chicken turned out to be rubbery and fatty, and the carrots undercooked and oily – but at least the potatoes  and gravy were well received.

It wasn’t inedible but it just wasn’t that good either (and I’m feeling slightly nauseous when I think about it today!). I knew immediately when I took my first bite, that I was disappointed with it, but ‘C’ who is always so encouraging and kimd, dug in as if it was the best thing he had tasted!

 Its funny, there are times where I literally throw everything together in a pan without thinking about it, and it tastes excellent…and then there are times, you really want to do something special and it turns out-in lack of better words ‘blah’.

But I think it is important to remember these days too – sometimes things in life don’t come together the way you want them to, but that it is not the end of the world. You will just have to shrug it off, and start again. The best cooks in the world have all had their off days – but like Julia Child says, you should never be apologetic when it comes to your cooking. Admit defeat and go out and get ice cream…at least thats what we did last night :)

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