Lovesushi – Review

For those of you living in Mexico City – this is a great little nugget for you!  If you ever crave fresh Japanese food that is delivered straight to your door (which I do all the time) – you have to try Lovesushi

Lovesushi is a relatively new company here in Mexico City, which, as you can tell by the name specialises in (and loves) sushi, however they do have a much broader menu than sushi alone  – and they deliver!

Being a sushi fanatic, I have tried and tested a lot of sushi in this town since I arrived. Consequently I have had some  horrific encounters: sushi with Thai sweet chilli sauce poured all over it, sushi drenched in plum sauce, but the worst has had to have been – a hot salmon maki with melted cheese (I couldn’t even eat it!)

Hence the revelation of Lovesushi. ‘C’ and I arrived back from an amazing 2 week holiday in Peru a few days ago (which I will write about extensively soon!) and were in the mood for something light – and our lovely house guest recommended Lovesushi for dinner last night – and we were not disappointed.

From the time you place your order to the time your sushi is delivered, is a total of one hour – and for even further convenience they also accept visa! The presentation is both well thought out and appealing.

However, the most important is the quality of the ingredients – which I would say in this case, is stellar. The rice is perfectly cooked and the right consistency, the fish is of the freshest quality, and the skin of their dumplings are soft and melt in your mouth – unlike some of the rubbery and chewy variations I have tried!

I am in no way a sushi snob or a sushi purist – I understand that you have to appeal to the countries taste to a certain extent to make your product successful – and this can lead to some disastrous fusions (see comments above), but Lovesushi has managed this combination perfectly.

So the next time you are in the mood for a little Japanese, don’t bother going to those fast food sushi franchises  like Sushi Itto dotted around town – they are not worth the effort, give Lovesushi a go!

Update February 2013: Unfortunatley LoveSushi is no longer in business. I am still on the look out for good sushi. If anyone has any recomendations of great Japanese places in D.F -give me a shout :)

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