Casa Colonial Bed & Breakfast in Oaxaca

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During our stay in Oaxaca, we stayed at Casa Colonial – a hotel/B&B that was recommended to ‘C’ by one of his colleagues. Casa Colonial is owned and run by an American woman who has been living in Oaxaca for almost 20 years. She and her husband bought the casa from another American couple and have obviously poured their heart and soul into the place – tragically, her husband was killed in a car accident a couple of years ago on his way back from the States to Oaxaca – and she decided to continue running the hotel on her own. 

It’s a beautiful little hotel, with an absolutely lovely garden and amazingly friendly staff. Our initial impression of Casa Colonial was that it was a true oasis when you stepped through those main purple doors from the hustle and bustle of Oaxaca. However as it turned out, that wasn’t the case at all as there were certain aspects of this hotel which made me feel very uncomfortable.  Although it did not suit me personally and I probably would not choose to stay there again, I would however recommend it due to its charm and location – but with some reservations.

These are my concerns:

  1. The owner. Casa Colonial is so obviously her home which she has dedicated such a large portion of her life to – and this is paradoxically one of the reasons I felt uncomfortable staying there. Rather than feeling like paying customer, I felt as though I was a guest in the home of an old relative whom I had to tip toe around. The owner had a terrible habit of  talking at you rather than with you, and instead of blending into the background she was very much in the foreground. Plus, I have an immense distrust of anyone who has lived in a country for 20 years and still can’t speak the local language and dresses up in the countries traditional costumes…something about it just smacks of trying too hard.
  2. There are no room keys. The main entrance is always locked and you are given keys to that door to come and go as you please – but there is no way of locking the door to your room. Now I like the idea of that in theory – we are all staying in a home and we should all trust one another – but in reality its a terrible idea. You don’t know anything about the other guests and there is absolutely nothing from stopping someone walking straight into your room at night. It may sound a bit paranoid, but I want to feel secure while I’m asleep, and despite having ‘C’ with me I did wake up continuously throughout the night worrying about it.
  3. Its noisy. The walls of all the rooms are very thin so noise travels. Outside each room there were tables where you could sit and relax, however every morning we were woken up well before 8am by the other guests sitting outside our room and chatting very loudly and whats worse – so did the owner! One morning there was some kind of ‘market’ set up outside our room of artisans selling their products, but they might as well have been inside our room! They started setting up around 6.30am talking as though it was the middle of the day and then left around 10am! It was very frustrating.

All in all our experience at  Casa Colonia was very odd – I really wanted to love the place as it was so pretty and the rooms were so quaint (look at the pictures) but there was so many disturbances and annoyances for me that C and I actually went out and looked for other hotels to stay at the next time we were in town. However having said that – this is all my personal opinions and someone else might have a completely different experience when they stay there. When I got back, I immediately looked up Casa Colonial on Trip Advisor to see what people’s opinion were, and I truly expected to read something along the lines of what I felt – but there was only really positive feedback! So it goes to prove each to their own I guess!

Here is the link to Casa Colonial,  if any of you guys are going to Oaxaca and interested to see what accommodation is available  

 If you do stay there I would be really interested to hear what your thought are!


6 thoughts on “Casa Colonial Bed & Breakfast in Oaxaca

  1. I was in Oaxaca some time ago, and I wondered if you might be able to shed light on a bit of a mystery from the time. Through our several days there, regardless of the time of day or night, there would be irregular bursts of what sounded like fireworks, but with no visible fireworky effects. At some point I even saw what looked like a firework rocket casing land about ten feet from me. Still have no idea what the rationale was and it’s intrigued me to this day…any ideas?

    1. Well, I am not entirely certain – but I experienced something quite simmilar when I was in Teotihucan once (the pyramids outside of Mexico City) and apparently they are actually fireworks that the Church nearby let off. I think my guide said something along the lines that they were warding off evil, or a celebration of a special St. of that day. Either way, I am not entirley sure what the reason is, but you were right – they were probably fireworks that you experienced Oaxaca!

  2. i have stayed at The Casa Colonial More than several times, once for two months, once I took my teenaged grandson: I could be there Right this moment because I have Loved each visit! I have stayed at other Oaxacan hotels: Not One could Hold a Candle to The Casa Colonial!

    Casa Colonial offers Unrivaled Charm, Comfort, Beauty blended into the gardens, the architecture; each room has it’s own personal Delight: touched with colorful Local art.
    The food is excellent And so Very safe.

    Random fireworks, parades, small marching bands ARE Oaxaca!. They are The “Unexpected Expected”‘ Each ‘happening’ is jOY, a cultural joy you can carry back to where you started.

    Oaxaca is much more than a special Culture. Relax, ‘blend in’ and I promise you, like me, will want to return again And Again. And Always back to Casa Colonial

    With All Sincerity,

    Sally Veauta [ Votaw]

    1. I completely agree with you, Oaxaca is a fantastic city! So vibrant and colourful and I would go back in a heart beat, you are very lucky to have been there for two months! Hopefully before we leave Mexico we will get a chance to go back…but there is just so much to see :)

      I’m really glad that you had such a wonderful stay at Casa Colonial – it is a beutiful hotel. Its funny how different people have completely different experiences, but that is what makes life exciting! Thanks for stopping by The Travelling Chopsticks I hope you have enjoyed it, and would love to hear more comments from you!

  3. I recently stayed at Casa Colonial and also did not find the experience a positive one. The owner was very unfriendly and appeared to have no idea that her role as the host at a B and B was to see to the comfort of all her guests. She really exuded a “don’t care” attitude. Her dog has the run of the place, including going into the dining room begging for food, into the livingroom where he will attempt to climb on your lap, running around the garden chasing the birds and squirrels. The casa is on a noisy street and has a hotel adjacent that can be noisy.

    1. Hi Lea – thanks for your comment. I am sorry that you too did not have a great stay at Casa Colonial! I’m also glad that it was not just me who felt this way :) I do hope that you enjoyed the rest of your trip in Oaxaca!

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