Hello world!

I have been toying with the idea of starting a post for several months now – and in fact set up this account several weeks ago, but somehow I keep on shying away from actaully writing as I felt a bit silly – who would want to read what I have to write about? There are so many bloggs our there – how is mine going to be different? However enough is enough!

I actaully have lots to write about. In the last year I have lost my job, moved to a new country (Mexcio) on the otherside of the world from my family and friends (Singapore), immersed in a language I don’t understand (Spanish), and in a completely foreign culture to live with the man I love. All sounds very romantic and straight forward – but here is the catch – “C” and I have never lived in the same country before let alone in the same apartment…

At the end of the day this blogg is ultimately for me. A way to record my memories, experiences and recipies. A way for my family and close friends to be able to touch base with me from time to time and continue to be involved in my life – al be it virtually!

So who ever stumbles upon this blogg – you are more then welcome to join me on my adventure – a personal exploration of love, life and most importantly food!!

2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Hi Alex, this is Tonio, from Barranco, C’s friend lol, well actually I found your Blog through LinkedIn, It was funny and a little world, didn’t know you are so into food, awesome.
    Say hi to my buddy sin cuello, lol, call him like that, he is going to laugh, and tell him to come visit me in NZ, you both.
    Congrats for your Blogg, is the first time that I get into a Blogg, but I knew about them, it needs a lot of dedication and time, I always want to have one, about surfing of course.
    Muy chevere Alex, you know what I mean, ok say hi to C, take care guys

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