A Long Weekend in Guanajuato

It was the American Labour day weekend last weekend (5th September), and one of the many perks of ‘C’s’ job is that he gets both Mexican and American public holidays off. The later is fantastic when you want to go away for long weekends here in Mexico as it means you don’t have to jostle and fight for space with the rest of the population – believe me, this makes a huge difference in terms of the traffic and your subsequent peace of mind!

This trip was a very last minute affair, as ‘C’ only realised he had the day off towards the end of last week, and he phoned me up from work and asked if I wanted to go away for the weekend? Mmm..of course!! So we quickly did a bit of research, booked our hotel and by 8 o’clock on Saturday morning we were on the road to Guanajuato.

Despite the rain, you can see the colourful houses

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