Stuffed Aubergine with Minced Beef


“Stuffed” anything for some reason reminds me bit of 70s style of cooking (not that I was even born then), but when I look at my mother’s old cookbooks and magazine clippings from that time….there was a lot of stuffing going on! Keep Reading

Melanzane alla Parmigiana

‘C’ has been out of town for the last week on business, and I thought I would take this opportunity to invite some girlfriends over to my place for a girly dinner! I love girl’s night, it’s just a chance to sit and chat, drink wine and eat some good food. I have been so lucky to have met some lovely girls here in Mexico whom I have come to consider good friends and I wanted a chance to show my appreciation for them by throwing this dinner party.

I also took this opportunity of ‘C’ not being around to make Melanzane alla parmigiana – which basically is an aubergine lasagna. You see, ‘C’ is ‘apparently’ allergic to aubergine, which is why I never cook with it when he is around. I say apparently, as I am quite convinced he isn’t but rather he just doesn’t like it, and by saying he is allergic he knows I won’t bully him into eating it :) I can be quite pig headed at times…

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