Tapenade and Tomato Roast Fish

I have to admitt my photo does not do this dish justice!

I love tapenade but had never thought about putting it on fish before – so when I saw this recipe (yes, on BBCGoodFood yet again!) yesterday I just had to make it. And what is even better, it takes all of 25 minutes from the time you start preparing the dish until the time you are sitting down for dinner! This is fantastic find as at the moment I have Spanish lessons until 7.30 every evening, and hate eating later than 8.30! (when did I turn into such an old woman?)

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Black Olive Tapenade

Photograph from national geographic

Tapenade is a Provencal dish that consists mainly of puréed or finely chopped olives, capers, anchovies and olive oil. It is generally eaten as an hors d’ourve spread on bread, or as a dip – however it can also be used in other recipes such as the Roast fish with Tapenade.

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Rokkaku – Taberna Japonesa Nikkei

Rokkaku is a rather  interesting restaurant in Polanco – although both the name and the decor suggests that it is a fully Japanese restaurant, however in actual fact, it is a Peruvian-Japanese restaurant or Japonesa Nikkei as it is called in Peru.

When I heard the term Nikkei, I immediately thought of the Japanese Stock Exchange and did not realise that this is a term used to describe Japanese emigrants and their descendents.  I immediately went home and did a bit of research and stumbled upon this interesting website  http://www.discovernikkei.org/en/ which gave me a bit more information on this community (must be the anthropologist in me that finds this fascinating!) Keep Reading

Lovesushi – Review

For those of you living in Mexico City – this is a great little nugget for you!  If you ever crave fresh Japanese food that is delivered straight to your door (which I do all the time) – you have to try Lovesushi  www.lovesushi.com.mx

Lovesushi is a relatively new company here in Mexico City, which, as you can tell by the name specialises in (and loves) sushi, however they do have a much broader menu than sushi alone  – and they deliver! Keep Reading

Bellaria, Ristorante & Pizza – Polanco

It was C’s birthday on Tuesday and I decided that I would take him out for a romantic meal in the evening just the two of us – its surprisingly how seldom we go out to eat on our own.

Literally 2 blocks from my apartment is an Italian restaurant called Bellaria, I have walked past it many a times and have always wanted to try it. Something about it looks incredibly appealing to me – small and unpretentious, and you can see the chef making pizzas in the wood oven through the window. This coupled with the fact that a friend of mine promised that they can do no wrong  – I decided that this would be the perfect place to take C to dinner. I was NOT disappointed. Keep Reading

Casa Portuguesa – Polanco

I have been so excited about writing this post since Saturday, and have been meaning to do it all week- this is my first restaurant review – and what a review to start with!

 I have two words for you – Casa Portuguesa!
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