Azulpastel – A Quaint Cafe

Any of you who have lived or worked in Mexico know how soul destroying a trip to the Mexican immigration can be – the inefficiency, the bureaucracy, the “don’t care attitude” is enough to break the most patient of people.

"Computer says no"

For the last two months I have been making regular trips to immigration as I have been in the process of applying for a work permit here – and I have always left broken. But not today! Today I was almost skipping out of that building I have grown to destet– waiving my new work permit! Today is a good day :)

On my way home, I walked past the Azulpastel – in fact I have noticed this cafe every trip I have made to immigration (and it has been many!) and it always caught my eye at how quaint it was. It has this very European look about it with its open windows and rows of potted flowers, it also looked slightly out of place in its location – but in a good way.

Today, with my exceptional good mood, and the knowledge that I will most likely start work next week, I decided to treat myself to breakfast. Life is good! This little cafe is just as cute on the inside as it is on the outside, with its duck-egg blue walls, small round  tables, and tasteful decorations.

There is also the option of sitting outside, as they have 3 or 4 tables on the pavement, but unless you are with smokers or it is a particularly hot day, by far the best place to sit is inside as that is where all the charm is.

I ordered an omelette (with spinach, mushrooms, onions and manchego) and a latte, and nestled down and began to read the newspaper. Well, ‘read’ is probably a bit of an overstatement, its more along the lines of looking at the pictures and try to gauge what is going on…

The latte arrived – and I would say it is one of the best coffee’s I have had in Mexico city, that has not been from Starbucks. First of all, it was served exactly how I like it, in a glass with lots of milk, and secondly it wasn’t so hot that the milk gets that bitter ‘scalded’ taste, but rather it was nice and creamy.

While I was waiting for the omelette the chef comes to me and give me a little taster of salmon and cream cheese roll. I am not entirely sure what he said to me, but as usual I just smile and nod and that seemed to do the trick ;) Then the omelette arrives, really well made and perfectly seasoned, with a lovely side salad of warm cherry tomatoes and feta cheese.

It was a lovely experience, the staff were all very friendly and welcoming and I would definitely go with ‘C’ when he is back in town. It was the sort of place that when I left I felt excited about and was already looking forward to going back to – I think I have finally found my neighbourhood cafe!


Address: Homero 1402-A, Col. Los Morales Secc. Palmas

Tell: 55-80-21-47

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