Ballet Folklorico

I’m back! I know it has been pretty silent over here on the TTC, and I apologise for that! However, it’s not because I have been uninspired or have had nothing interesting to write about – quite the contrary actually, I just physically have not had the time or energy.

Over Christmas and New Years my parents and brother came to visit, and C and I were busy gallivanting around the country with them, exploring the Yucatan Peninsular, discovering new alleyways in Guanajuato as well as doing the usual sightseeing rounds in good ol’ Mexico City.

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Hello World!

It is with great excitement that I write and introduce to you all my I mean our new kitties!

These two little ladies are two and a half months old and were abandoned and looking for a home. As it happened C and I have been talking about adopting a couple of kittens or cats for sometime – so our worlds collided on Sunday, and they have spent the last 2 days settling into their new home.

We have yet to name them, as we are waiting to see what their personalities are like – so any suggestions are more than welcome!

Isn't she a cutie?
Maybe not quite the 'looker' but this little lady just does not stop purring!

Life couldn't be better...
I think they are going to be happy here!

It’s amazing how much joy these two little kitties have already brought to our home in their short couple of days with us. Suddenly the apartment is alive with them running around exploring all the nooks and crannies, playing with each other and of course – getting a good cuddle in now and again!

Adopting strays is something that I feel quite passionately about as there are so many animals out there who have been abandoned and abused and in need of good homes. But for now, at least I know that these two little kitties will be safe and loved, and have the best life possible that two little street cats from Mexico could even dream of!

Rememberance Sunday

Its ‘remembrance Sunday’ tomorrow and I wanted to do something in my own little way, to honour those who have fought and died throughout the years in the world’s numerous wars, but also spend a minute thinking about my own family.

 Every year in Singapore there would be a beautiful ceremony at the Kranji war memorial – which is a cemetery dedicated to the Allied soldiers who lost their lives during the Second World War in Singapore and South East Asia under the Japanese Occupation. On Remembrance Sunday my father and I would attend the 7.30 am ceremony that honoured the lives of all those soldiers who died, but also would remember those who survived.

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My slow love for Mexican food…

Some of you who read The Travelling Chopsticks regularly, may wonder why I never write about Mexican food, and I really must admit to you that when I first moved to Mexico, I really wasn’t all that impressed with it (I can almost hear your disappointment in me!)

I really don’t know why I didn’t like it – maybe it was a combination of eating in the wrong places, or not really knowing what to eat – but I just always felt uninspired. However until recently this view has begun to change, and change quite drastically at that, and I find myself even starting to crave certain dishes! I had even thought to start being more adventurous, and begin to showcase the best Mexico has to offer on this blog.

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Day of the Dead and San Angel

Yesterday was Day of the Dead or rather Dia de los Muertos – which has to be one of Mexico’s most interesting, extraordinary and colourful celebrations. You may think the combination of the words ‘dead’ and ‘celebration’ in one sentence slightly off-kilter, but this is what the day is all about – a celebration of death, and hence a celebration of life.

Unlike in Europe or most “Western” culture death is not something to be feared here in Mexico, it is (quite rightly) something to be embraced, as ultimately we are all going to die so why be scared of it? Traditionally the Aztecs believed that life was a dream and that you only started living once you died – then you were truly awake.

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Pumpkin Pie

I made pumpkin pie for the first time!

For those of you living in the States and Mexico, this may seem a bit odd – but I think it is a very American thing to use pumpkin in a desert or sweet format. As I am an avid reader of food blogs, since October every blog I visited had at least ONE pumpkin recipe! So I decided that it was high time that I too bake with this fantastic fruit! Keep Reading

Survival Tips on Being An Expat “Lady of Leisure”

Yes, it may sound very appealing, but being a “lady of leisure” is not all what it is cracked up to be. Especially, if you are in a new country away from you family and friends, your comforts and you don’t understand the language.  It can all be very daunting and quite lonely.

Frankly speaking, the only reason why we are in a country we do not know, without a job, with no friends or family for support, is that we followed our boyfriends, husbands, significant others to the other side of the world to be with them. There are many of us out there, some complete newbies like myself and others are long-term veterans, who have followed their partner from post to post almost their entire adult lives.

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Engagment, Work & Fail Safe Yellow Cake with Dulce de Leche


I am so sorry to have been so quite the last two week – I really had planned to come back from New York and post at least two articles by now, but I have been distracted. The reasons for my distraction (and I’m sure you will agree with me they are very good ones) is that ‘C’ proposed to me while we were in New York! Can you believe it? I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am, and how happy we are. Who would have thought that the boy I met on the beach in Bali less than 3 years ago, will now be my future husband – its funny how the world works!! Although, now its time to plan the wedding, but my goodness, where in the world do we start? Peru? Singapore? Sweden? Mexico? Its no wonder that I have had a hard time focusing on my blog!

'C's first cameo appearance!

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New York here I come!

Have I mentioned recently that I have the best boyfriend in the world? God, I hate the word ‘boyfriend’ it sounds so primary school, yet what are the alternatives? manfriend, partner, other half….they don’t sound any better!

Anyway I digress – I really do have the best boyfriend man in the world, who is taking me to New York City tomorrow. Yup, the Big Apple, the Big Smoke, the city everyone seems to have been to apart from me, and I can hardly contain my excitement!

Do you see what I mean about being the best boyfriend?

Hence over the next week it will be slightly quite here on The Travelling Chopsticks, as I am taking a short break – but I am sure you can all manage without me :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend – and to the Americans..Happy Colombus Day (on Monday!)

Azulpastel – A Quaint Cafe

Any of you who have lived or worked in Mexico know how soul destroying a trip to the Mexican immigration can be – the inefficiency, the bureaucracy, the “don’t care attitude” is enough to break the most patient of people.

"Computer says no"

For the last two months I have been making regular trips to immigration as I have been in the process of applying for a work permit here – and I have always left broken. But not today! Today I was almost skipping out of that building I have grown to destet– waiving my new work permit! Today is a good day :)

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