Touching Base and the LCHF Diet!

My dear friends, it has been a while since I last wrote and I apologise for that. But I do have a pretty good excuse (well at least I think so) I went off to get married…(again!) :)

I had planned to write a few posts on restaurants and Peruvian food while I was in Peru- but quite frankly, who was I kidding? From the minute we touched down in Lima to the minute our wheels left Peruvian soil 3 weeks later – we were on the move non-stop!

However all those months organising, all those details, all that planning, all that agonizing – it was all worth it. In fact I should write a post about “how to organise a wedding in Peru”!  The wedding itself was amazing and what a wonderful feeling, having all your loved ones in one place and all there because they love you. The energy and the ambiance was just so joyous. It truly  is a memory of a lifetime.

We got back to Mexico about 3 weeks ago – and both C and I were absolutely exhausted. Apart from going to work and to the supermarket for some essential supplies, we barely left the apartment (which Khloe and Pixie are thrilled about!)

However we have started something new since we got back – and that is the LCHF diet! It stands for Low Carb High Fat – I know, it sounds odd, crazy and flips everything we have learnt about food and nutrition on its head, but when you start looking into it further, and read the science involved there are some very compelling arguments! We have decided to try it out for a month to see how it goes and how our bodies feel about it. If you are interested I have started a little ‘mini-blog’ charting my feelings about it here: LCHF….WHAT? 

I don’t know if this is something for me – but both C and I thought it was very interesting and wanted to try it out for our selves before we made any judgements. However, from people who are doing it – i have only heard really positive things.

That is all for the time being. It’s great to be back and now that I don’t have the wedding looming over me anymore, I am really looking forward to getting back to The Travelling Chopsticks and doing some serious blogging (well now I have our move to Brazil looming over me instead…but I don’t need to organise so much for this next life changing event!)

Untill next time!

Alex XXX

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