My Mashed Potato Experiment.

OK, so this is a little creation of mine – and although the consistency could definitely need some improvement, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the taste, in fact it was damn good…but then again it does have bacon in it – how could it not?

So I had a bowl of left-over mashed potatoes from the night before when I made Coq au vin for Conrad. Mashed potato is one of those dishes like risotto that is hard to warm up and eat as left-overs as the consistency changes over time, and becomes quite pasty. So I had it in my head that I wanted to make little patties out of them and fry them – almost like Swedish raggmunkar (Swedish potato pancakes usually made out of shredded potatoes) or Swiss Rosti.

So I chopped up some leak and bacon, threw them into the pan and fried them until the leeks became soft and the bacon cooked (not crispy). Than in a bowl I placed the leek and bacon mixture together with the mashed potatoes, 2 handful of grated Parmesan cheese and one egg to bind, and mixed everything together so it was all combined – and then formed patties out of them.

This is where the consistency could have been improved. The mixture was quite ‘wet’ so I think a few tablespoons of flour or breadcrumbs would have been a good addition, as it would have helped keep the shape and also given a bit of a crunch once fried. I probably also should have made them thinner and not so thick, but I quite liked the ideas of having burger size patties.

However once fried, and I managed to flip them (well some of them…a few ended up being a broken mess in the pan) they were delicious. However, I think this would be far more appropriate as a heavy breakfast on a weekend. I could imagine a lovely fried egg on top – and then it would have been a complete meal.

So would I make these again? Absolutely (with a few tweaks). In fact every time I make mashed potatoes from now on, I am going to make sure I make extra so I can make these for breakfast on the weekend.

5 thoughts on “My Mashed Potato Experiment.

  1. Mashed potatoes are my favorite thing… Apparently I use to stand up in my high chair when I was little and take them off my brothers plates.

  2. Yum! We call these ‘potato pancakes’…did you fry them in the rendered bacon fat or butter? Or a little of both?!? The ones in the picture look like they turned out perfect!

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