Hasta Luego Mis Amigos

‘C’ and I are off to the UK tomorrow for 10 days, and then I will continue on to Sweden for a few more weeks, while poor ‘C’ has to come back to Mexico to work ….ahhh the benefits of being a lady of leisure! :) So it will be rather quite month here on the Travelling Chopsticks as I am not entirely sure how often I will get the chance to write or the urge to write for that matter…sometimes it is just nice to enjoy the ‘now’.

So, in the meantime – enjoy this picture that ‘C’ took when I brought him to San Juan market on Monday. Of all the things I showed him…I wonder why this caught his attention?!  ;)

Apparently you can use sex appeal to sell anything here in Mexico!

Hasta luego mis amigos X

San Juan Market – Mexico City

Fresh Vegetables

As most of you know – Mexico City is a HUGE city, but when you are actually living here it is very easy to get stuck in your bubble. My bubble is Polanco. I live here, the majority of my friends live here and there are a number of very good restaurants at your fingertips. This, coupled with the atrocious traffic makes it very easy to never leave this neighbourhood.

However, every so often you venture out of your bubble and you realise just how enormous this city is, and how much there still is to explore. Keep Reading