Osaka – Peruano Oriental Ceviche & Sushi Bar

C and I have just returned from what is most probably one of the most enjoyable lunches we have had in a long time here in Mexico City. So much so, that Osaka has immediately stormed into first place as one of favourite spots in Mexico! Keep Reading

Rokkaku – Taberna Japonesa Nikkei

Rokkaku is a rather  interesting restaurant in Polanco – although both the name and the decor suggests that it is a fully Japanese restaurant, however in actual fact, it is a Peruvian-Japanese restaurant or Japonesa Nikkei as it is called in Peru.

When I heard the term Nikkei, I immediately thought of the Japanese Stock Exchange and did not realise that this is a term used to describe Japanese emigrants and their descendents.  I immediately went home and did a bit of research and stumbled upon this interesting website which gave me a bit more information on this community (must be the anthropologist in me that finds this fascinating!) Keep Reading

Bellaria, Ristorante & Pizza – Polanco

It was C’s birthday on Tuesday and I decided that I would take him out for a romantic meal in the evening just the two of us – its surprisingly how seldom we go out to eat on our own.

Literally 2 blocks from my apartment is an Italian restaurant called Bellaria, I have walked past it many a times and have always wanted to try it. Something about it looks incredibly appealing to me – small and unpretentious, and you can see the chef making pizzas in the wood oven through the window. This coupled with the fact that a friend of mine promised that they can do no wrong  – I decided that this would be the perfect place to take C to dinner. I was NOT disappointed. Keep Reading

Casa Portuguesa – Polanco

I have been so excited about writing this post since Saturday, and have been meaning to do it all week- this is my first restaurant review – and what a review to start with!

 I have two words for you – Casa Portuguesa!
Keep Reading