How To Be An Expat Brat

A very good friend of mine in Hong Kong sent me this article from Thought Catalog on “How To Be An Expat Brat” and my goodness does it hit the nail on the head (in a satirical and self deprevating manner), that I just had to share it with you guys.

When I was in my late teens and early twenties I really shared a lot of these feelings, and at times felt a bit lost. However I am  still an expat today, and will probably always be one as this is the life I know – but I feel far more settled now (mentally) than I have ever been before, and would never have changed my childhood for a moment!

For all you expat brats out there…enjoy :)

From Exploding Ovens to our Trip to Peru

Well this weeks cooking efforts was abruptly halted on Sunday when our temperamental old oven decided she had had enough and blew-up. Yes, you read it right – our gas oven had a small explosion!! Luckily, the only casualties of the blast were ‘C’s ‘ leg hair – which were singed to black stubs, and the stench of burnt hair permeated through the apartment! Keep Reading