How to make Pachamanca – A Photo Essay!

One of the most memorable trips that I have ever made with C, was when we went up to this tiny Andean village where C’s nanny comes from. It was an unforgettable trip and definitely one that made a huge impression on me.

C’s nanny, Magna took C up to her village a few times throughout his childhood to visit her family. When C grew up, he continued making the journey visiting her family, and usually bringing with him donations and toys, and in return they lavish him with food and love.

We were shown this old photo of Conrad circa 1982 on one of his visits – isn’t he a cutie?

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Corrida de Toros (My first bull fight)

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Yesterday I went to my first bullfight. The decision to attend a bull fight was one that I did not take lightly – those who know me, know I have an immense love of animals and detest cruelty in any form (I even have a hard time killing insects!) so the decision to attend a bull fight may come as a surprise. However, I had three motivating reasons that in the end swayed me.

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