My name is Alex and I am the author of The Travelling Chopsticks!

IMG_1629A little bit about me: I have grown up in Singapore with a Swedish mother and an English father, and am currently living in Mexico Brazil with my boyfriend fiance husband and our two Mexican street cats Khloe and Pixie.


Aren’t they the most adorable kitties you have ever seen?

My husband, or as he is affectionately referred to here as ‘C’ or ‘My Peruvian’ works for the U.S Foreign Service. One of the perks of being a diplospouse (Foreign Service speak for spouse of a diplomat) is the chance to live and travel to rather exotic countries around the world. This opportunity, coupled with my insatiable appetite and passion (some would call it an obsession) with food, has provided the perfect material for The Travelling Chopsticks.

Whether it is in the country that I am currently living in, or the places that I visit, I am always on the lookout for interesting travel opportunities as well as delicious food experiences that I can share with family, friends and readers.

I hope you enjoy these experiences, and I will leave you with the parting words of Bernard Shaw “There is no sincerer love, than the love of food”

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  1. Hi there – great to meet a fellow Singaporean foodie on the net. Thanks for adding me on foodbuzz and look forward to learning more of your food creations! delimilli.

  2. Best blogg ever!! I can’t believe you kept this little gem a secret for so long. Shame shame miss Daintry! Look forward to keeping tabs on your culinary adventures :)


  3. Your blog look’s fine good content, two thing’s, you don’t have a subscribe button for visitor’s and you should remove the bottom search button there’s one at the top, Harry

  4. Hi darling,

    I love it! I know I’m very bad at keeping in touch, but always nice to be able to keep an eye on you ;)

    What a great site! Check mine out too. As the husband put it yesterday, I have lost my mojo, so it’s a little behind. But I will use you as inspiration to get back on track.

    Talk to you tomorrow! Love.


  5. Alex I know you really since you came to Mexico and is in touch with you one way or another, now we sit together every afternoon to learn Spanish and still found it necessary to tell me you have a site so beautiful and fun …. Shame on you.:)

    I’m so glad I happened to find him and learn to know you a little better.
    c u at class

    1. Thank so much – it means a lot to hear that from fellow bloggers! Sorry it has taken me so long to respond – the christmas season has been very distracting! But now its back to the grindstone – will check out your blog ASAP. X

  6. Stumbled across your blog and it’s fab! Some really great recipes on here! Starting my own blog (slowly coming together!) and ones like yours and very inspiring!

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Hi Alex! Yes, we are both similar in the “international mix” but I think you’ve got me beat! I also look forward to keeping up with your food and travels. I’m sure you’ll make me quite envious as it is much more difficult to travel when your youngest is in high school! ;) I will have to peruse your blog, but so far, I love what I see! CC

  8. Hi Alex, how are you? I saw your Blogg it´s very nice! I´d like to get some information about Italian Recipes. Do you have it? I really appreciated it!
    I´m Tatiana I live in Brasilia in the capital of Brazil.

    See ya,

    1. Hi Tatiana. Thank you for stopping by :) You know, I’m moving to Brasilia in September!? I’m Excited! In regards to your question – I do not have any authentic Italian recipes as such – what kind of Italian are you looking for?

  9. You grew up in Asia…that explains where the “chopsticks” came from. Very nice blog, you seem to be living life the way it should be lived & loved, like a dream. Keep it all positive and look forward to future posts.

    1. Hi Paleorina :) Thanks for stopping by! I actually lived in SIngapore in total of 21 years! My parents still live there and it is where I consider home! I will actually be going back in December and would love to meet up if you are around? It would be fun to meet a Singaporean blogger :)

  10. Hi, how are you?
    We have found your blog and think that it is really interesting!
    You know that FITUR 2014, the International Tourism Trade Fair, has launched its “TRAVEL BLOGGER 2014” Competition, which this year will extend its search for the best bloggers from amongst candidates on the American Continent and throughout the European Union.
    Those who are interested in taking part in the Competition can enter their candidacy between 4th and 26th November through the app integrated into the FITUR page, http://travelblogger.es/en/2014/ . In order to be able to pass through to the following stage, the blogger must obtain at least 50 votes through Facebook or Twitter throughout the same period.
    In order to take part, contestants simply need to be of adult age and possess legal residence in any country throughout the American Continent or the European Union (except for Spain, given that another series of initiatives has been reserved for Spanish bloggers that the trade fair will be announcing shortly).
    We are waiting for you!
    Have a nice day and smile more! ;)

    1. Hi Kristina – thank you so much for your message and brining to my attention the FITUR Travel Blogger Competition. I had never really thought of entering myself in any form of competition before, but with your kind words I thought I would give it a go :) I have just registered myself, and hopefully I will get the 50 votes that will take me into the next round! How exciting :)

  11. Hi Alex!

    Found your blog when I was searching for LCHF meal ideas. Surprised me to find out that you’re a Singaporean! I’m from Singapore as well and now living in Sweden. Love your recipes, simple and yummy!


    1. Hi Sylvia – thank you so much for stopping by and saying hello :) Unfortunately I am not a Singaporean by passport, but definitely by heart :) How do you enjoy living in Sweden? Which part are you living in? Also really glad that you enjoy the recipes – I have been a bit lazy at posting recently, but that is soon about to change :)

      1. I love the seasons over here! Something that we don’t get to experience back home. The same scenery can look so different depending on the season. We’re living in Linköping, a nice city but at times I really miss the exciting big city life of Singapore! Am really looking forward to more of your recipes! Keep up the good work! ;)

  12. Hey, for sure the kitties are the cutest in the world. After mine, haha.
    I am Brazilian and I would like to share contents. Please tell me your contact.
    Thank you.
    Elias Kalinovski

  13. Hi Alex,

    We found your blog originally when doing some research on the Pantanal & we are now travelling through Mexico, so we have been reading some of your Mexican posts. Love the Mexican observations 😂

    We wondered whether you would be open to featuring a guest blog of ours on your site? We could add to your Pantanal section with our experience of the North or we could write something additional to add to your Mexico posts?

    Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

    Becca & Dave

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