Gravlax – A Swedish Smörgåsbord Staple

I was looking at the calendar today – and I realised two things. One, we have been in Brazil for exactly 2 months today and secondly in exactly a months time, C and I will be on our way to Singapore (via Abu Dhabi for a few days) to celebrate Christmas.

Knowing how quickly time goes by, I thought I would start posting some really good Swedish Christmas recipes. Or at least the recipes that we prepare in my family every Christmas. Last year, C and I celebrated Christmas in Mexico City, and we put together a dinner for 15 people – it was such a success and everyone loved the food! Here you can read about my planning for that dinner and what we served Swedish Christmas in Mexico City Keep Reading

Call Them What You Want Balls!

Never in the history of Sweden (I might even venture to say the world) has one little piece of confectionary whipped up so much political controversy as this little ball of goodness has!
Call them what you want – but this is how they are supposed to look!

Basically it is a ball made up of oats, cocoa, sugar, coffee and butter, rolled tightly into little golf ball size balls then covered in either pearl sugar or desecrated coconut. Not only are they incredibly simple to make they are more or less a staple in the Swedish diet, and you can find them in every shop, kiosk, cafe or home. Keep Reading