Tapenade and Tomato Roast Fish

I have to admitt my photo does not do this dish justice!

I love tapenade but had never thought about putting it on fish before – so when I saw this recipe (yes, on BBCGoodFood yet again!) yesterday I just had to make it. And what is even better, it takes all of 25 minutes from the time you start preparing the dish until the time you are sitting down for dinner! This is fantastic find as at the moment I have Spanish lessons until 7.30 every evening, and hate eating later than 8.30! (when did I turn into such an old woman?)

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Fish Cakes – Thai inspired

Its been a while since I last posted a blog – sometimes life just seems to speed up and I have a hard time keeping up with it! However, I still manage to find time to cook!

On Sunday ‘C’ and I had a BBQ with some good friends. We brought with us a beautiful red snapper which we stuffed with parsley, lime, tomatoes and onions – sealed it in foil and then threw it on the grill – it was beautiful (I’m gutted I have no pictures!). However, like most BBQ there was just an abundance of food and we only managed to eat half of the snapper.

So on Monday, with the rest of the red snapper I made these incredibly lovely fish cakes – which turned out to be a huge successes with ‘C’, he even brought in the left overs for lunch today :). If you ever have left over fish (no matter what type), don’t throw it away – this is the perfect meal. Keep Reading