Beef, Oregano & Tomato Meatballs with Quinoa

I’m not sure if anyone remembers – but in December I boldly stated that every month, I intended to try at least 4 recipes from the Bon Appetite magazine and blog about them? Well I managed that one time and failed miserably the following months. Now there are a variety of reasons for this. One, after I made that bold statement, I didn’t receive a BA magazine for a while, and Two, recently the BA magazines I have received have not inspired me in the slightest – and I feel as though I’m slowly losing interest in them.

However, thanks to my wonderful Australian relatives who signed me up for a year subscription of Donna Hay’s magazine as an engagement present along with these wonderful ceramic Australian bowls they sent all the way to Mexico (Bison Australia), I have only just discovered this well known Australian food talent. Keep Reading

Baked Salmon Fish Cakes

What do you do with left over fish? Make fish cakes of course!

As I discovered a couple of weeks ago when I made the Thai inspired fish cakes, this is not only one of the most easiest and delicious ways of using up left over fish – but its incredibly healthy too! In most of the recipes I have read, they all call for mashed potatoes but I think that is an unnecessary carb, and for them to be fried – which is unnecessary fat! The fish cakes come together quite nicely with breadcrumbs, eggs and baked in the oven – serve them with a salad or what ever you heart desires, and voila another healthy dinner sorted without too much hassle! Keep Reading