Salmon and Spinach Pie

As I recently mentioned I have been feeling under the weather the past week – and as you all know, there is nothing more off-putting then food when you are feeling ill. My dad used to joke with me that when I was growing up, that there were three words that I would tell him more often than any other, and it wasn’t “daddy I love you” but rather “daddy, I’m hungry!” When I would stop eating he knew that I was really ill… and that was when my parents would start to worry!

Hence – there has not been a lot of cooking going on in my kitchen over the last week. However, I was looking through some of my pictures from the summer when I was in Sweden (yes I am still unemployed and have plenty of time on my hands), I realised that although I was not actively blogging, I was very actively cooking, and have a quite few recipes up my sleeves that I want to share with you, like this Salmon and Spinach pie.

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