Seed Crackers or Fröknäcke in Swedish

 I don’t know why – but to my ear everything sounds better in Swedish. Even though English is definitely my stronger language – the sound of spoken Swedish is one of the best things I know – especially if it is coming from a Skåning (someone from the south). I even prefer to read in Swedish as there is something so poetic in the way Swedish authors put their words to paper and the rhythm that they create that I don’t seem find in the English language. What I hate however is writing in Swedish…an absolute nightmare! Which is why you will never see a post in Swedish, or the fact that I only write emails and texts in English to my Swedish friends (something they find quite amusing)!

So getting back to my post – I originally made these bad boys to go with my new low carb high fat (LCHF) lifestyle that I have embarked on the last 3.5 weeks. I was going to post it in my other blog LCHF…What?! – but thought that these are soo good and so simple to make that everyone will enjoy them.


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Ostkex – Cheese Crackers

I have been in Sweden for almost two weeks, and although I have been really inspired to write many different posts, I never felt that urge to put my thoughts to paper. I have just really enjoyed being here and not having to capture everything. Although today, I am feeling very motivated and ready to blog. Keep Reading